Our History

World steel pallet Company limited was established since March 26th, 2008 with registered capital of 20 million baht. With the target of being leader in Steel pallet market and for our environment, we strive to create new way for logistic and warehouse for helping our customer to reduce cost by offering the product suitable for usage. Also, we emphasize every production process.

With our experience and expertise team, we are determined and certain that our product under "WSP" brand will be delivered with international quality to customer who are our business alliance.

Our Outstanding Points

Our product research and development team can support various industries

Follow testing standard of pallet usage: Bending Test and Compression Test

Inspection has been implemented in every process to guarantee that our products delivered to the customer are high-quality and meet industrial standards.

Our machine design and technique development team can support customer to increase the production potential

Material sourcing must pass the verifying process of the steel properties such as Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation.

Company Profile

We, "WSP", are determined to develop our products and service to satisfy our customers continually by our engineers and experts who have experience of more than 10 years.

Outstanding Points of WSP's Pallets

Light Weight

WSP Pallets are more light weight than wood or plastic pallets. With the customer's usage in mind, we design our pallets to be corrugated pattern which is lighter but still can handle the same load as any other pallet type.

Material Selection and Inspection

WSP selects the high quality and suitable material by selecting only international standard makers.

Ability to Design the suitable pallet for Practical use

Our pallets can be used with AS/RS

Long-term use and worth investing

Steel pallets that we design for long term use (Returnable model) will increase transportation cycles which means it minimizes transportation and delivery cost. Moreover, the exporting model does not need to be fumigated as wooden pallets.

Scrap is Valuable and Recyclable 100%

WSP steel pallets can be recycled 100% which makes zero waste to the environment.