Outstanding points of customized steel pallets

If you are looking for the suitable pallet to carrying your products inside your factory. These pallets are robust, durable and can be used permanently in low temperatures, we are also GMP certified. We, "WSP", have design engineering team which are experts with high specific experience. Moreover, we use international standard software for design and analysis to support our customer. 

Would steel pallet would like to introduce our customized pallets that can be designed to fit the customer's requirements and usage.

Design for practical use

Compatible with Automated Storage/Retrieval System (ASRS) and Automated Guided Vehicle system (AGV)

Robust and durable

Customized Pallets

Customized Pallets

  • The customized pallets are the answer for the customer who is looking for a pallet that can carry their product that has unique specific sizes and shapes.
  • WSP has a team of engineers that are ready to give consult/advice and can go on site to help analyze and design a pallet that is perfect for the customer's specific use. We can also provide samples for testing before ordering.
  • We provide excellent before and after sales service from design to repairs.
  • Our outstanding points of the customized pallets are Size, Shape, Variety and the capability to carry any product perfectly in any industry.

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We ensure that steel pallets under WSP brand will be delivered with international standards and quality

World steel pallet Company limited was established since March 26th, 2008 with registered capital of 20 million baht. With the target of being leader in Steel pallet market and for our environment, we strive to create new ways for logistic and warehouse to help our customer reduce cost by offering the suitable product for usage. Also, we emphasize on every production process.

Ensure Quality Control at every process

Deliver with International standard of quality


Research and development for products used in all industrial types.



Design team with over 10 years experience that can improve machines and develop techniques to increase production capacity.


Follow testing standard of pallet usage: Bending Test and Compression Test


Material sourcing must pass the verifying process of the steel properties such as Tensile Strength, Yield Strength, Elongation.


Inspection has been implemented in every process to guarantee that our products delivered to the customer are high-quality and meet industrial standards.


Our products used in multiple industries.


World Steel Pallet Co., Ltd.


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